Reported speech exercises

The old man said to the child," I shall be glad to help you. The doctor asked the patient whether he was eaten breakfast that day. It can also be a lead in to the similar but more fun activities below.

The verb love simply is put in the simple past tense which is loved. He requested his father to increase his pocket-money. This can also be done as Twenty Questions, e.

Reported Speech Worksheets For Grade 6 With Answers

He prayed that God might shower his blessings on them. She requested him to let her know its reason and told him that it would be her pleasure if she could do anything for him.

They asked if they would be taking that test in June.

Reported Speech Quiz

The man said to me," Let us wait for our turn. He told him to come along with him as he knew where his house was and he would lead him to his house safely. She asked him not to go that day. They said that the test was going to be next Wednesday.

She told me to go home. How long have you been preparing for this race. The word worked is already in the past. Two students have such a problem with each other that they are refusing to speak, and another student shuttles between them trying to find a compromise.

In my first reported speech lesson plan RS1. He comforted me on the death of my dog. To learn other words for say, click here. I will tell him that the shop closes at 5.


The past past or past perfect of worked is had worked. He ordered the boy to sit down before him and reply his questions. You can add some trick questions where the direct speech sentences are different but the reported speech versions are the same, e.

Here are some other examples: Do not be afraid. Only then you can achieve the right path of your emancipation. Reporting orders and requests When reporting an order or request we change them into an infinitive. Can I do anything for you. I think I can't go on, and then I do. In most cases, when the reporting verb is in the present or future tense, we do not change the tenses of the verbs in the indirect speech.

*rewrite the sentences in reported speech using the suitable reporting verb.- 1.”I´m not going to answer your question” he said to me 2.”I didn´t do anything wrong!” she told her mum. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the direct and indirect speech for you.

(Thank you, Henri for the help) The good news is, it works the same way in French as in English. Here are other things about French direct and indirect speech that you should know about.

1. Direct speech is. Practice including quoted speech within statements (direct to indirect speech) in this auto-correct quiz.

Clauses. Clause Structure.

Reported Speech Exercises

Grammar-Quizzes › More › Diagnostic Quizzes › Reported Speech Quiz. Reported Speech Quiz (contact) — ESL / ELL / TEFL — English Grammar Reference / Resource – Practices & Exercises – Palo. Indirect Speech. When we want to report what someone said without speech marks and without necessarily using exactly the same words, we can use indirect speech (also called reported speech).

For example: Direct speech: “We’re quite cold in here.” Indirect speech: They say (that) they’re cold. Reported speech exercises and examples in English in Lesson 52 March 23, julia English course 0 In this English lesson we will be doing some “Reported speech exercises” in order to perfect this part of English grammar.

Reported Speech Exercises

3 Grammar Rules for REPORTED SPEECH We use reported speech when we want to express what someone said. For example, “My mother said that she loved me.” This communicates what your mother said at some point in the past.

Reported speech exercises
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Reported Speech Exercises