Illinois enterprise zone business report

Taxes based on the land value and previously existing improvements continue to be collected. Are eligible sales limited to the units of government sponsoring the zone. Another program is the Industrial Training Program. The credit may be carried forward for up to five years.

Please visit the links below to get started. Additional fields can optionally be added. Any taxing district may order the county clerk to abate a portion of its taxes on new construction or renovation of real property located in a zone. The following are some examples of zip file names.

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Paper copies are to be delivered before the deadline to: The local ordinance authorizing tax incentives, such as property tax abatement, extends the incentives through eligibility criteria, such as class of property I. Local Incentives Local governments may provide a variety of local incentives to further encourage economic growth and investment in enterprise zones.

In this manner, units of government can dedicate the new incremental sales tax revenue within the project area. Good will and land are examples.

Illinois – New Reporting Requirements for Businesses in Enterprise Zones

Field names should be no more than 10 characters in length and not contain any spaces or special characters. The City of Pinckneyville has prepared a Tax Increment Redevelopment Plan establishing a tax increment financing area. Building materials sales tax exemption: Enterprise Zone Utility Tax Exemption A state utility tax exemption on gas, electricity and the Illinois Commerce Commission's administrative charge and telecommunication excise tax is available to businesses located in Enterprise Zones.

Firms can apply for funds on a project by project basis. Manual submission of applications must be postmarked by December 31, This exemption includes repair and replacement parts for machinery and equipment used primarily in the wholesale or retail sale or lease, and equipment, manufacturing fuels, material and supplies for the maintenance, repair or operation of manufacturing, or assembling machinery or equipment.

Any electronic application submitted after midnight on December 31, or hard copy not postmarked by December 31,will not receive consideration. These funds are locally administered pools of money used to make loans or equity investments.

Enterprise Zone Program

Enterprise zones were first established in Illinois in to stimulate economic growth by providing tax incentives and regulatory relief to businesses opening or expanding in specially designated areas.

Multipart polygons are also acceptable.


To help promote economic development, the CDAP program provides low-interest, subordinated loans to projects that create or retain jobs for low and moderate-income workers. How does an enterprise zone project utilize this incentive. There should be one shapefile for each enterprise zone and no shapefile submitted should contain more than one enterprise zone.

They need to verify their location in an enterprise zone with the zone administrator and file Illinois Form RG Materials must be permanently affixed to the property and must be purchased from a qualified retailer. Good will and land are examples. Any abatement obtained will apply only to taxes on the increase in assessed value attributable to the new construction, renovation, or rehabilitation.

Business Incentives Reporting Information Currently selected. Building Materials Exemption Certificate Report; Enterprise Zone Business Report; High Impact Business Report.

Schedule A Instructions (R/18) Page 1 of 7 Illinois Department of Revenue • Enterprise Zone Investment Credit • Tax Credit for Affordable Housing Donations corporation that conducts substantially all of its business operations in an Illinois river edge redevelopment zone.

Per Illinois Compiled Statutes / (Public Acteffective ) Sec. (a) Within 6 business dats after an employer participating in the Illinois Municipal Fund approves a budget, that employer must post on its website the total compensation package for each employee having a total compensation package that exceeds $75, per year.

Enterprise zone investment tax credit: Individuals and corporations are allowed a % tax credit against Illinois income tax due for investments in qualified property placed in service in an enterprise zone.

Enterprise Zone Program, River Edge Redevelopment Zone Program and High Impact Business Program Annual Report - Calendar Year into real estate located within an enterprise zone established by a county or municipality under the Illinois Enterprise Zone Act. Enterprise Zone Program. Projects within the Enterprise Zone boundaries are eligible for a variety of tax abatements and exemptions.

Among the various incentives are property tax abatement, sales tax exemption on building materials, waiver of building permit fees, dividend income deduction, investment tax credit, and jobs tax credit.

Illinois enterprise zone business report
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