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Should we instead permit such interactive data format information to be submitted under the voluntary program.

eXtensible Business Reporting Language

These distinctions affect a wide range of organizations since there aren't many large companies that operate in a single regulatory jurisdiction anymore. Securities and Exchanges Commission is diving headfirst into new strategies to increase financial data transparency and accessibility.

Inthe SEC began requiring operating companies, mutual funds and credit rating agencies to do the same. Alternatively, might the availability of tagged data possibly cause mutual funds to choose to curtail such disclosures. Should the time period be shorter or longer, e. Fujitsu is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes.

I want to particularly thank Commissioners Stein and Piwowar who, over their tenures and in the interests of investor protection and efficient markets, have worked to ensure that information can be disseminated more quickly and more broadly through many historic and new channels.

Every business has to account for and report information, whether private or public, profit or nonprofit, and regardless of what types of products or customers or location you work in.

More specifically, the proposed rules would provide that an interactive data exhibit to a Form N-1A filing, whether the filing is an initial registration statement or a post-effective amendment thereto, must be submitted as a post-effective amendment to the registration statement to which the interactive data relates.

Recommended taxonomies are considered to have the same official status of the XBRL specification itself. Funds that do not make their reports available in that manner also must disclose the reasons that they do not. Ten jurisdictions are active within XBRL. Many end user organizations will see that as an obstacle, although regulators, interestingly, don't seem concerned by that because their planning timelines stretch well beyond this or next quarter and they already see XBRL as inevitable.

By enabling mutual funds to further automate their disclosure processes, interactive data may eventually help funds improve the speed at which they generate information, while reducing the cost of filing and potentially increasing the accuracy of the data.

Would a large percentage of mutual funds provide interactive data voluntarily, and following the same standard, if not required to do so. Still others respond that it is only as complex as the underlying data models in use by the governing bodies. To update or add a new linkbase, choose the Linkbases action.

Would the proposed rules affect whether mutual funds create or maintain Web sites. Support issues can be raised over the phone, email or the web.

The reason for the update can be an altered schema, an altered linkbase, or a new linkbase. Rule of Regulation S-T provides these liability protections.

The financial data prepared and reported in XBRL, are very convenient for use and analysis by both the suppliers and users such as investors, regulators, analysts, etc. As with the voluntary program, the proposed rules would require mutual funds to provide the interactive data in an exhibit. Installation, deployment, upgrade and migration services.

We believe that adopting a delayed compliance date of December 31,66 See Part V. What Are They Working On. Someone who wants financial information from you, provides you with a taxonomy an XML document containing one or more schemas, each with one or more lines to fill out.

He also argued that increased data accessibility through the Internet is inevitable, and compared the future of data transparency to the past of electricity. Mutual funds filing registration statements are required to disclose whether or not they make available free of charge on or through their Web site, if they have one, their statement of additional information and shareholder reports.

2018 SEC Filings

Structured disclosure refers to open, machine-readable data, as opposed to paper-based or scanned PDF documents that cannot be searched by automated means. This proposal differs from the voluntary program which does not impose a time limit for the filing of interactive data. Should we delay the first required interactive data submissions until, for example, or later.

Rule of Regulation S-T will provide a temporary hardship exemption from submitting or posting interactive data without staff or Commission action, when a company experiences unanticipated technical difficulties that prevent timely submission or posting of interactive data. Then select the lines with the linkbases that you want to apply.

To follow is a sample of a raw XBRL data instance. The structure of XBRL now recognizes both regional jurisdictions as well as various industry domains involved in business reporting. Fujitsu customers include nearly half the Fortune Global ESMA will focus on developing the detailed technical rules, field test its proposed solution and afterwards submit the technical standard to the European Commission for endorsement around year-end The guide summarizes and explains rules adopted by the SEC, but is not a substitute for a rule itself.

2017 SEC Filings

Accelerated filers that use U. However, we recognize that at the outset, mutual funds would most likely prepare their interactive data as an additional step after their prospectuses have been prepared.

GAAP will be required to comply beginning with fiscal periods ending on or after June 15, Modified Liability Interactive data generally will be subject to federal securities law liability in a modified manner if the company submits the interactive data within 24 months of the time the company first is required to submit interactive data, but no later than October 31.

Business Wire signed a deal to use EDGAR Online’s technology to create and produce extensible business reporting language (XBRL) filings to help its customers satisfy SEC reporting requirements, according to an EDGAR Online news release. XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is an open technology standard for financial reporting, based on XML (eXtensible Markup Language).

While XBRL documents can be viewed only with specialized XBRL viewers, iXBRL documents can be viewed on standard browsers which makes it easier for our clients to view the.

What is XBRL? Extensible Business Reporting Language - or XBRL - is a global format of exchanging data and information that is largely based upon XML computer language. Under the new reporting framework, the regulators are requesting COREP regulatory reports to be uploaded into their GABRIEL system in XBRL data format with the aim of standardising automated business intelligence.

FCW Update

eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) - Additional Filings Current Section 16 Filings Reports filed by the Officers, Directors and certain Shareholders of Union Pacific Corporation. The decrease in licensing, publishing and games revenue was due to decreases of 8% from our games business, 6% from our merchandise licensing business and 2% from our publishing business.


Lower games revenue was due to the discontinuation of Infinity in the prior year and decreased licensing revenue from Star Wars: Battlefront. Extensible business Reporting Language, or XBRL, is a freely available electronic language for financial reporting that more than 50 countries around the world have embraced.

XBRL is not about establishing new accounting standards but enhancing the usability of the ones that we have through the digital language of business.

Extensible business reporting language viewership
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